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programs. You should keep in mind that the application can generate as many or as few keys as you want. It’s up to you to decide the level of protection you require.Airbus to launch 100 new aircraft over 3 years December 17, 2011 Airbus’s chief, John Leahy, recently commented that the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, has now launched the “most comprehensive strategic programme ever seen” for the company’s A320neo family, following its successful launch earlier this year, adding that the new aircraft will enter service from 2013 onwards. The new aircraft family, which includes 150 single-aisle and 90 twin-aisle aircraft, is planned to be launched with entry into service in 2017, a more conservative launch date than the original announcement. In addition, Leahy stated that the new aircraft family will be produced in two variants, the NEOWASP and the LEAP. Airbus has also announced that the first NEOWASP aircraft will be delivered to the US customers and that an engine launch decision for the LEAP is expected next year. Air France, Korean Airlines, Bombardier, Air India, Swiss Air, KLM and Alitalia will be the first customers to receive the new aircraft family in 2017. Singapore Airlines is a soon-to-be new customer for the A320neo family, with a firm order for 50 aircraft, which is to be received between 2015 and 2017. Qatar Airways is another customer that recently ordered 100 single-aisle A320neo aircraft.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a motorcycle, more particularly to a motorcycle equipped with a device for propelling the vehicle forward. 2. Description of Background Art In recent years, motorcycles provided with a device for propelling the vehicle forward have been developed. This propelling device is usually provided on the rear portion of the vehicle, in the vicinity of the rear wheel, and comprises a counterweight connected to the rear wheel to reduce the weight thereof, a propelling device arranged within the rear wheel and connected to the counterweight to be operated in cooperation therewith, a propelling device arranged inside the front wheel and connected to the counterweight to be operated in cooperation therewith, and a handle to be operated by the rider when he wants to propel the vehicle forward, the propelling device being operated in cooperation with the handle to propel the vehicle forward. In such




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